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Cable for subwoofer and receiver – it is an interconnect cable is a more complex product than speaker. Here we need another design of the wire itself, in which a large number of innovations are applied both in the used material of the conductors and in the field of dielectric coating, in contrast to conventional columnar ones.

The best subwoofer cable is intended to be connected to the receiver. It should have connectors at the ends and a presentable appearance.

What about the longevity of the subwoofer cable, it should be about 3,5 metres.

Some wires have a limit length:

  • Optical cable length – maximum 7 meters
  • The “electric coaxial” has no limits, since everything depends on the quality of the wire itself
  • If you use a good high-quality wire, digital data is transmitted without problems to 10-15 meters and even more.

Why is it so crucial to determine the needed length for your cable

The cable in constant tension gradually fails, the veins break in its weak spot, and in the end (quite quickly) the sound disappears, while the outer braid can remain intact, making it difficult to find a problem.

A sagging cable catches extraneous interference and noise, and rolled up rings generally becomes a source of eddy currents and interference (here is pure physics, the properties of a conductor rolled up by rings).

Therefore, it is better to purchase a high-quality instrumental or microphone cable in the nearest store of professional musical equipment, not necessarily the most expensive.

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