TheGuruChoice is a specialized informational and analytical site with the latest news from the technology sector, detailed reviews of vinyl players, amplifiers, AV receivers, DACs and headphones (both the headphones themselves and the headphone amplifiers).
The TheGuruChoice was founded as a personal blog, but grateful reviews said that information is important to people. From those times, this website daily covers issues of sound technology and modern solutions based on them. We have been working for you since 2017.

The site was created and developed with one strategic goal – to provide you with the opportunity to get as complete, objective, and useful information as possible about sound technologies, their components, and peripheral devices.

We do not aim to cover the entire spectrum of information on this topic. It is simply impossible. In the selection of information, of course, our subjective opinion is present, but the interests of our readers are the main factor influencing our opinion, as editors of the site.

We see our mission in the formation of a civilized market of high technologies and audio components. We want our readers to have the opportunity to choose and buy only quality products.

Why trust TheGuruChoice?

  • Altogether, our reviewers already have about 7,000 hours of audio testing practice
  • Our experience is field experience – there are no bench tests. We never make opinion materials wholly based on comments and customer reviews. The lion part of the material in each review is real-life testing of the discussed product
  • We write recommendations and guidelines based on our practical experience
  • Feedback from sound lovers from other communities, as well as expert opinion
  • We never praise a crappy product

Our team

Joseph Cotton – Owner/Founder

Our chief is a sound expert with a lifetime experience. Joseph Cotton spent his life at the intersection of music and technology. He grew up in New Jersey, USA, where he played in school groups and always tried to come up with a better way to record their game for other purposes. He eventually went to Princeton University and earned a bachelor of science degree in music technology, during which he also began writing for consumer technology magazines. In 2017 Joseph found an expert opinion site in California, USA.

Alex Smith – Author/Editor

Alex has been engaged in the audio world since 2013. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, he worked as DJ House music at NY clubs such as Pegu Club, Santos Party House, and Taj II Lounge and Event Space. Thanks to this, he was able to find out many specific and important aspects of sound-producing technologies, to understand which functions of the machine are really important, and which are added by manufacturers for the sake of imagination or in order just to make more money from the buyer. Alex is responsible for managing TheGuruChoice from an editorial point of view and is committed to providing not only high-quality reviews but also objective and accurate materials.