Home Speakers Can I Connect My Turntable Directly To Speakers?

Vinyl discs are quite common for real audiophiles. They want to listen to the favorite tracks in the highest possible quality. They have already bought everything needed, installed it and now enjoy their listening experience. However, many people constantly join them and face different issues and questions. One of them is whether it is possible to connect a turntable directly to speakers.

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Turntable With Inbuilt Preamplifier

In case your turntable has an inbuilt amplifier, then you can connect it directly to the speakers. Depending on the model, you can connect it with the help of old RCA cables or Bluetooth technology. Cables are more reliable as they can deliver better sound quality. While wireless option allows you to put speakers at any place of the room and do not worry about cables around. In addition, you will not need to spend money on a separate device. The process of connecting directly to the speaker is very simple and does not require a lot of time.

Turntable without Inbuilt Preamplifier

If your turntable does not have an inbuilt preamplifier, you may need to get one. In order to check whether your device has it, try to find if there any line outputs. However, if there are only Phono outputs than an external output is definitely required. With an additional amplifier, you receive better quality of music, but it requires additional costs and space.

Speakers With Inbuilt Amplifier

You should not hurry and buy an external amplifier if your turntable does not have it. You need to check whether your speakers have one or not. In case speakers are active, check the type of powering. In case it uses a standard power plug to the outlet, then there is an inbuilt amplifier and you do not need to buy a separate one.

Speakers Without Inbuilt Amplifier

In case your sound units are passive and they use 3.5mm or 1/4 inch jack to be powered from the other device, then probably they do not have an inbuilt amplifier. The amplifier requires more power to enhance the quality of sounds and increase the number of volume levels. Therefore, you will not be able to connect your turntable directly to them.

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