Home Speakers Where Should I Put Turntable Speakers?

Many people while buying turntables and speakers put them anywhere when it is suitable for them. However, it not always results in an expected way. If you are still looking for nice devices, then you should definitely review the best speakers for turntables article.

In another case, this information will help you to setup turntable and speakers properly.

Placing Speakers

While preparing a room to place speakers, it is recommended to put them in the corners and direct them to the place where listeners will be. It will surround you with qualitative sounds and create some kind of cinema effect.

Another thing which necessary to decide about speakers is whether to take stand mount or floor standing models. Many people believe that stand type is better as it places speakers higher and they are cheaper. However, while performing they produce vibrations, which can produce a great impact on themselves on high volumes of levels. The floor-standing does not experience this issue so much. They are more stable and can deliver even better sound quality. In order to reduce vibrations for both types of speakers, you can use rubber, foam or other soft pads underneath of speakers.

Placement of Turntable

The quality of sound greatly depends on the location of your turntable. In order to read music from vinyl discs, it uses a highly sensitive needle. It means that any vibrations from the environment can distort the sound. Therefore, it should be placed not in front of the speakers, as their sound waves will influence the reading of music.

It also not a good idea to place it close to the path where people are moving in the room. If you have placed speakers in the corners, you can put the turntable in the middle of the wall. It is often recommended to place it on a separate small table, which will be used only for placing a turntable. As a result, you will enjoy the highest quality of music in your house.

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