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In the world of music, there are different ways of creating new tracks, mixing and listening to favorite records. If you are a new person who is interested in getting a vinyl record player, then you definitely need to learn more about them before making a purchase.

Many newcomers wonder whether you actually need speakers for vinyl players. The answer is both yes and no. There are two main categories of vinyl players. The first one has inbuilt speakers, to produce sounds, while the second one does not have. If it is difficult for you to find a good model on the market, then you should check the article about the best speakers for vinyl.

Vinyl Players Inbuilt Speakers Vs Separate Speakers

Vinyl players with inbuilt speakers do not provide music in good quality. You can find many cheap models, which can be old and suitable only for the personal listening experience. They often look like a suitcase that allows easily carry them. Another side, which it is necessary to mention is too high needle tracking. It uses more pressure to stay on the track, without being interrupted due to vibrations of internal speakers. As a result, because of more than the recommended pressure, vinyl discs may be damaged.
In case you really care about the sound quality and safety of your vinyl discs, it is better to get a vinyl player without internal speakers. In such case, you will need to buy them separately. To set up everything you will need more space and it will be less comfortable to carry everything with you to another place. However, in general, you receive more benefits. In the beginning, there will not be side vibrations that may distort the needle, which results in high precision of reading. The downforce is not so high that may damage vinyl discs. You can connect such vinyl player to amplifiers and speakers, depending on your needs. In most cases, you will use RCA connectors to receive high-quality sounds.

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