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Let’s be honest, it’s hard to imagine a usual day without headphones which are plugged in a phone. Listening to music in this way is convenient and you are free to make the sound as loud as you want without disturbing others, therefore a lot of people are wondering, whether it’s also possible to connect headphones directly into a turntable.

Actually, the answer is no because headphones need a more powerful output signal. Also, it this case you would have a problem with volume control.
However, there are some methods to connect your turntable with headphones.


If you are fond of music played on vinyl, then better skip this option. The point is that the sound will be digitized and there will be no magic anymore. Of course, this way of listening has its advantages too. To make the connection, you need only a Bluetooth turntable. Nowadays, wireless headphones became incredibly popular, so it’s not going to be a problem to make this type of connection. Anyway, you have to consider that a list of the best headphones for vinyl, which can be found on our website, does not include any wireless ones.

Headphone amplifier

This is the way to keep the special sound using headphones. The main function of this device is to raise the low-voltage audio signal so, it can be turned into special sound waves. Such gadgets as a smartphone, iPod or laptop have a built-in headphone amplifier but a usual vinyl turntable is made differently. If you are wondering about the music quality, there is no reason to worry — it’s going to be even better than normally. The extra voltage will make the sound more clear and you will also get a deeper bass. Such an appliance can be used with almost any turntable, that’s why it’s one of the most common methods of listening to vinyl with headphones.

The second reason to buy this little electronic helper is the volume control. Does you turntable have a special button for this? No. Then it would be quite weird and inconvenient not to be able to turn the sound up or down.

A receiver with a dedicated headphone output

This option is suitable for those who have a turntable with a dedicated headphone output. But what is interesting is that usually even in this case you need some additional equipment such as a converter. The point is that most stereo receivers have a 6.3 mm connector while normal headphones fit only into a connector with a 3.5 mm diameter.

So, the direct connection between headphones and a turntable is impossible but some additional devices must help. As well, you can just buy a Bluetooth turntable which is the easiest way.

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