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The company released 4 cutting-edge products, Denon AVR-A100 being one of them, to commemorate their 110-Year Anniversary and please users with remarkable audio systems.

Denon AVR-A100 delivers object-based sound across 13 channels and is optimized to support the latest audio formats. The possibility to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HEOS to connect smart devices makes this AV receiver especially appealing to audiophiles and those planning to upgrade their home theatre system. If you are also pondering on getting this amplifier, keep reading Denon AVR-A110 review to learn its strong and weak points, as well as detailed specs.

What makes Denon AVR-A110 stand out from similar products is its premium design. It has a silver graphic color being one of the limited-edition offers. The back panel has undergone a nice upgrade, which is also relevant for the speaker panel. The dimensions of this amplifier are rather standard for this type of equipment – 18.6 x 17.1 x 7.7 inches. The weight is 51.4 pounds.

13-channel Amplifier

Being equipped with discrete power output devices on all channels, Denon AVR-A110 outputs up to 150 watts per channel at 8 ohms filling the space with rich and dynamic sound. The system contains low-impedance drives, which guarantees operation stability for a group of speakers and results in a balanced, tonal sound.


Looking through Denon AVR-A110 specifications I was amazed to see that there are a total of 8 advanced HDMI inputs & 3 HDMI outputs, which are aimed at producing uncompressed and object-based audio transmission from your device to the receiver. This makes it a worthy investment if you like watching 8K content and don’t want to encounter any video and audio quality issues. There is the possibility of 8K upscaling, while HDCP 2.3 compatibility is available on all HDMI inputs.

IMAX Enhanced

One of the most notable Denon AVR-A110 features is that it fully coincides with IMAX Enhanced standards. This means that Denon AVR-A110 has undergone different tests concerning image, scale, content, and sound quality, and demonstrated good results. In fact, integrated IMAX calibrated modes were approved by industry-leading colorists, so you can fully rely on this product if picture and sound quality are your highest priority.

Multi-source sound

The feature I can’t but mention in my Denon AVR-A110 review is multi-source sound. This way, you can configure the amplifier to enjoy surround sound in one room, while 2 others will be filled with a powerful music stream. In other words, you can watch your favorite series in your bedroom, while your relatives are listening to classical music in 2 different zones.

Denon AVR-A110 Pros and Cons


  • Soundstage is massive and very realistic
  • Doesn’t run hot even after long work
  • Futureproof with all the latest onboard technologies


  • Lacks of Chromecast and MHL input
5/51 rating