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Have you ever wondered a question of whether you need a receiver for your turntable? If so, let’s see the information below.

So, you need the AV receiver. What is, in essence, this very receiver? If you do not get into the technical jungle, then, in fact, it is also an amplifier, just not stereo, but multichannel. Moreover, you won’t be able to connect turntable to speakers without a receiver, if your turntable doesn’t have a built-in preamp or your speakers don’t have a built-in amplifier.

If there is no tuner in the device, then this is already an AV amplifier. Also, modern devices have a built-in ability to decompose the sound of zones (rooms), i.e., the simplest multiroom.

Traditionally, it has at least five channels of amplification. And along with them in the same device are the switching system, decoding, processing.

Why should a music lover not buy a receiver for turntable? It’s all about the features of its design. As we already mentioned above, at the same cost, we can buy either a simple amplifier or a more complex AV device. However, in the receiver, we have more functions, which means that somewhere we are waiting for a compromise.

From here you can make a logical conclusion that we will buy either two high-quality stereo channels or five slightly less good ones. Let’s not forget that this price also includes a processor, a set of decoders and a lot of switching electronics.

The technique must be used strictly according to its main purpose. That is, if you like movies, then choose an AV receiver. However, if you are a music lover, then forget about all the additional features and multichannel sound. Anyway, you will not use them regularly. Better pay this money for higher sound quality.

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