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In various sources, the topic of the best vinyl record cleaner, as well as washing and cleaning vinyl has been discussed repeatedly, but the problem is that about half of the tips can actually be classified as “how to ruin a record.”

Let’s start in order. Do not remove any dirt or brushes from the depth of the groove. Brushes and rollers – this is for the current cleaning of dust and in order to remove the static, but no more.

How to do it right

There are two main ways to keep records of your portable turntables clean and safe – manually, protecting the “apple” and soaking the plate in water, washing solutions and under running water, or you can use a special machine. By the way, protecting the “apple” of the disk is absolutely necessary in any case. Comparing manual and machine methods, I also checked the results with a microscope.

In practice, washing machines are the most effective devices, and the result is the best. Only particularly dirty plates require some pre-soaking or several washing cycles. It is theoretically possible to manually wash the plate well, too, but it is very difficult, and it will take several times more time and effort. Moreover, the vapors of isopropyl alcohol are not particularly healthy.

Machines have one drawback – the price. If you look at the design, especially from the inside, it becomes clear that the cost should be much less, at times. But it’s hard to do something about it.

There is usually no need to wash vinyl every day, which means that when necessary, the record should have some washing.

Mainly the cleaning schedule depends on the particular record usage frequency. Determine how fast your plate gets dirty and plan the washing schedule.

We recommend cleaning your plates once a month.

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