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LAST Factory Record Preservative is truly a superior cleaner, specially designed for those who not only need to keep their vinyls clear but also to protect them and prolong their lifetime.

It’s the best record cleaning kit if you compare all the fluids on the market. This professional kit includes 2 bottles of preservative, 2 bottles of the universal cleaner, and 4 applicators. Despite it not being the cheapest solution, you can be aware of quality as well as the safety of the process. Even if you overuse the liquid it won’t bring any harm to the surface. Plus, it soaks in the grooves only for 30 seconds.

LAST Factory Record Preservative Pros & Cons


  • The exceptional formula of both preservative and cleaning fluid yield a great result which maintains for years
  • The effect might be better than with the expensive high-end machine
  • Your vinyls will sound completely renourished after applying this liquid
  • Applicators simplify the cleaning process
  • Leaves no residues on the records
  • You only need half a minute for the preservative to be absorbed in the molecular layers


  • The fluid evaporates quickly
  • It may be a hassle to use everything according to instruction for the inexperienced customers
5/51 rating