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If you’re not ready to overpay for the best record cleaning machine, then the Laseremedia VNC-8 is a solution just for you!

Based on the distilled deionized water with no alcohol or ammonia this premium-quality liquid is a must-have thing for the record collectors. Its professional unique formula guarantees not only 100% clean but also a total black and glossy look of your vinyls. It should be used in conjunction with microfiber cloths and velvet brushes to gain a perfect result. Moreover, gentle natural ingredients will leave the record plasticizers undamaged.

Lasermedia VNC-8 Pros & Cons


  • The most budget cleaner you’ll ever find
  • The exquisite formula helps to lift and loosen the dirt from the deepest edges
  • No harsh ingredients included
  • Not flammable
  • 8 ounces of liquid is enough for cleaning heaps of records
  • Will make your records shiny as never before


  • You must use special brush and towels to clean really dirty albums
  • Some customers claim that distilled water itself is better than this spray
4/52 ratings