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Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner will be a nice attachment if you already own a 6-liter record cleaner.

It’s easy to use – just put the disk vertically on the shaft, fix it with the magnetic end cap and place the EasyOne system on the rim of your cleaner. Then all the jobs will be done automatically. A big plus is that it can accommodate different sizes of rims as it goes with the special record adapter. Filter for the used water and fan for the fast drying are also included. These features, therefore, make it the best record cleaning machine for today.

Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner Pros & Cons


  • Always reduces surface noise on the record
  • Is a universal solution for different cleaners
  • The construction is not flimsy at all
  • A fan and filter will care about the quick and high-quality process of the cleaning
  • Great performance without noise or getting hot quickly
  • Boosts the clarity of the sound remarkably


  • It doesn’t snug the reservoir properly
  • An assemble may be a hard thing for the newbies
5/51 rating