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The ideal solution for the dry cleanup of the vinyls can be found – and it’s the Collector Protector.

Innovative brush which not only cleans the surface but liquidates static loads as well. Bristles of this best vinyl record cleaner go deeply into the grooves and take up the smallest fractions of sludge from the precious material. It’s self-cleaning, thus requiring practically no job from you – it simply moves around the bristles under the 90-degree angle above the plate. A cleaning solution with a special formula for a safe anti-static cleaning also comes with the brush.

Collector Protector Pros & Cons


  • Extracts dust and dirt from the deepest grooves
  • Liquidate static charges due to effective anti-static solution
  • The cleaning process is easy and reliable
  • The solution doesn’t contain alcohol or ammonia
  • Helps to regain the quality of the sound
  • A storage pouch is included


  • Bristles might wear out quickly
  • It can leave scratches on some LPs
  • The nosepiece on the fluid bottle breaks quickly
5/51 rating