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Rega Brio integrated amplifier is certainly the best amplifier for turntable and other recorders nowadays.

It has a new two-compartment design, which improves the heat dissipation. The amplifier itself has a “very high class” built-in MM phono stage. The developers have added a second power supply circuit – it separates the output stage from the amplifier stage.

With a load of 4 ohms, the amplifier is capable of delivering 73 watts of power for a pair of speakers and 93 watts per channel. At a load of 8 ohms, these values ​​correspond to 50 and 58 watts. The maximum input voltage at the phono input is 100 mW, the sensitivity is 2.1 mW at 47 kΩ. The line inputs have a sensitivity of 210 mW into 47 kΩ. The headphone output delivers 1.8 watts (32 ohms). At 300 ohms, the power is 5.9 watts.

Rega Brio Pros and Cons


  • Well-defined highs and mid-range, and strong punchy bass
  • Excellent phono stage and channel balance
  • Great performance both with digital sources and turntables
  • Solid aluminum casing
  • Built-in input for the headphones prevents interferences from the loudspeaker channel
  • Compactness, small chassis


  • At low volume, the hiss can be audible
  • Some buyers reported second channel breakage after 3 weeks of use
5/51 rating