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Sony STDRH190 can surely be called the best receiver for turntables. It is a 2-channel stereo receiver for reproducing music both from vinyl and digital devices. Each channel has 100 W(8 Ohm, 1 kHz) power output. Of course, it is equipped with phono as well as 4 stereo RCA inputs and stereo RCA output.

It can be paired with 4 speakers and also A/B switching allows you to play music in two separate zones. Low-profile construction is also a plus as it lets you put your receiver in the AV cabinet easily. FM-radio with 30 preset stations and a wireless remote controller are included in the set.

Sony STDRH190 Pros and Cons


  • Simple and obvious setup
  • You can connect up to 4 speakers and switch between them thanks to A+B function
  • A vivid natural sound effect is gained due to the Hi-Res audio
  • Remote controller, batteries, and FM-antenna go with the box
  • The power amplifier is designed to produce the purest sound
  • Any recording device, as well as CD, can be connected as the receiver has 4 analog inputs
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming
  • You can connect wirelessly only with one device at a time


  • No AM present
  • The volume knob turns very slowly
5/51 rating