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If you still don’t know which appliance to buy for your records then I recommend considering one of the best record cleaning machines – Record Doctor V.

It’s affordable, however, features a motor with great quality and performance. It supplies you with a convenient rotator to place your records on and then purge them accurately. This powerful machine will cope with all types of contaminants, restoring the brand-new look of the grooves. Vinyl-protecting felt pads, a bottle of cleaning fluid, and applicator brush included. With such a device you can forget about distorted sound and pops on your records.

Record Doctor V Pros & Cons


  • The cleaning process is indeed fast due to innovational brush
  • Sound quality will improve in a thousand times
  • Even moldy or wet LPs can be cleaned with this machine
  • You don’t need to load fluid frequently
  • Make records dry in few seconds


  • Mold spores will spread in the room when water in the tank reaches the bottom line
  • The case is made of MDF vice board which isn’t water-resistant
  • Moisture damage on the top plate may be recognized after the durable use
  • Provided spindle seems too wobbly
5/51 rating