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Cleaning of your beloved record collections now will be a pleasure with the best vinyl cleaner called the Record Velvet Brush from Record-Happy production.

Elementary in use and made of soft safe materials it will take care of both of your records and stylus prolonging your enjoyable listening experience. The velvet pad is very compact and gentle so won’t leave any scratches on the vinyl. Plus, there’s a 10 ml of cleansing spray to provide a complete purity even to old dusty records. A big advantage is that the brush also reduces static charges.

Record Cleaning Velvet Brush Pros & Cons


  • Simple construction makes it maximally easy in use
  • Velvet will keep your records in a perfect state
  • Compact size
  • Stylus brush will effectively clean the needle
  • Appropriate for cleaning right on the turntable
  • The cleansing solution has anti-static properties


  • Undue noise may appear when cleaning on the turntable
  • There’s a risk of leakage of the fluid from the bottle
  • Isn’t effective with ingrained dirt and residues
5/51 rating