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Even the best subwoofer cables require a proper connection. How to do it right?

Connecting an active type subwoofer to a car begins with the dismantling of the radio and checking it for linear outputs. If there are any, then connecting the active subwoofer is greatly simplified, moreover, the subwoofer is optimally matched to the speakers.

In the absence of line outputs, the subwoofer is connected to the radio from the trunk of the car. Plus it will take more effort and time. But the sub is located in the trunk only for the benefit of saving free space in the cabin, because it is bulky due to the built-in amplifier.

Now we’ll take a closer look at how to connect a subwoofer with an amplifier in the car. Next, the task arises of connecting the control wire coming from the radio, as well as the power cable and power minus to the trunk to the subwoofer.

Further connection of the amplifier (in the case of a passive type device, since the wiring diagram is largely similar) and the subwoofer to the radio will continue by laying a positive cable. You need to take a wire similar to the power minus. If you can’t find it, then you need to make a hole between the passenger compartment and the engine compartment to insert this wire into the trunk in the passenger compartment.

The cable is fixed over the entire duration of the contact. At the battery power terminal, a fuse holder is mounted in the power cable. How to connect an active subwoofer to a car radio if there are no line outputs on it? This is done using the high-amplitude input connectors of the subwoofer amplifier. The control cable is connected to the subwoofer. Acoustics is connected to the high-amplitude input of the built-in amplifier. Observe correct polarity!

The signal wire and control cable are routed into the trunk to the place of the integrated amplifier. Further, after studying the connection diagram, you can start switching. Further, it is already possible to configure the audio system and tighten the subwoofer in its permanent place.

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