Home Record players Do you need speakers with a turntable

You like to listen to music at home. You like to watch movies and concerts with good sound, and the fact that standard TV speakers can squeeze themselves out of you is disgusting. Then your best record player probably needs speakers.

There are many ways to “voice” a house or apartment, but in any case, the audio system will consist of a sound source, amplifier, and reproducing speakers. Elements of this triad can be combined into two or even one devices, but the principle of sound reproduction will remain unchanged.

If we talk specifically about sound quality, then wireless multimedia systems do not surpass the more traditional options in sound quality. In the best case, they simply are not inferior to the classics. But they are very compact. They are cheaper, they are more convenient and suggest a more flexible model of use.

With their help, you can voice a one-room apartment and a large house, listen to opera, have a party, watch a concert or a movie.

Similar systems are arranged according to the following principle. Audio content from a smartphone, tablet, PC, local media server (it can be any computer or network drive) is broadcast to active speakers via Bluetooth and (or) Wi-Fi. Moreover, some models can independently connect to online music services such as Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, and play music from them. In this case, they do not need a smartphone or tablet as a sound source.

There may be several speakers themselves, and they can even be located in different rooms. This concept of sound space organization is called Multiroom. The multi-room system is controlled using a remote control, smartphone, or tablet with a special mobile application installed from them from the manufacturer of such acoustics. Connecting a single speaker to the smartphone is usually possible without installing the application.

So it turns out that such speakers you can use both with the turntable and a smartphone.

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