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Record Friend might be considered the best vinyl cleaner which literally will become a “friend” to your plates.

The complement comes with the drying rack that can hold up to ten records, two bottles of washing liquid, rollers which manage to spot 12, 10 and 7-inch size, brushes, and microfiber cloth. Try it with your old, mildew records, and you’ll see that the best record cleaner definitely does its job. Inexperienced users will appreciate its simple assembly and onefold mechanism. Moreover, you can buy replacement brushes on the manufacturer’s website as well.

Record Friend Pros & Cons


  • The device is friendly even to inexperienced users
  • It has protection from the scratches
  • The drying rack is a pretty good addition
  • The quality of sound will improve significantly
  • Amount of fluid provided is enough for approximately 500 records
  • It’s affordable and universal


  • The rollers can wear out quickly when using plates with sharp edges
  • The smell of chemicals is unpleasant
  • The brushes are of poor quality
3/52 ratings