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Vinyl Buddy Record brush is considered the best vinyl record cleaner among experts.

Due to its smooth sticky roller, all dust and debris can be removed quickly and professionally from the disk surface. I would highly recommend in case if you bought some second-hand records – they are usually dirty and sound not so good. Just run the brush along the record grooves once or twice – and enjoy the result! But don’t overdo – since there’s a risk of damaging your record. It also requires a minimum of care – you need to give it a rinse from time to time.

Vinyl Buddy Pros & Cons


  • It will oversimplify the record cleaning process
  • Innovational technology to pick up the tiniest participles
  • Compact size
  • You can clean the record right on the turntable
  • No accessories needed


  • It requires a regular rinsing in the water
  • Cleaning is completely manual, so there’s a risk of breaking plate when moving brush under an improper angle
  • The gel can be spread on the grooves and worsen the quality of sound
5/51 rating