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The Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer is certainly the best record cleaner on the market in our days.

Featuring premium-quality materials and unique construction it will be a nice supplement for your turntable. It also takes care of the label as the plastic protection clamp wheel is included. In fact, everything is innovative about this kit. The set also contains a bunch of helpful additions, such as a reusable funnel and strainer for the cleaning liquid, three filters, 45 RPM adapter, a special drying stand, and a detailed instruction manual.

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Pros & Cons

  • Ergonomic design allows you to fit the kit on your shelf neatly
  • It’s totally self-contained
  • Suitable for 7″, 10″ and 12″ records
  • The drying rack makes the process much faster and convenient
  • You need only one cap of the provided cleaning fluid
  • The clamp will save the labels from water
  • Tracking noise is practically inaudible


  • Not all types of contaminants, as well as crackles, are purged
  • You can waste a lot of liquid when pouring it back into the bottle
  • It can be problematic to find and replace goat-hair brushes
5/51 rating