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When ordinary people who listen to music turn into real melomaniacs, the sound quality matters. On the market, there are numerous different amplifiers and DACs that can make sounding better. However, it is always difficult to choose the best DAC under 100 for yourself as each device has its strong and weak sides.

Many people wonder why external DACs are so important. Most of the devices that everyone is using in everyday life already have internal DACs. They convert digital sound to analog, that the human ear can perceive. Mostly the internal DACS devices do not cope with this conversion task well enough. External DACs are oriented to solve the following problems.

  • Background Hiss. At the quiet pieces of music, you may hear this hissing sound. DACs can easily clean up the signal and remove that sound.
  • Jitter Problems. They may occur in case of errors of digital timing.
  • Low Headphone Volume. Not every headphone set receives enough electrical power from the gadget to produce loud sounding.
  • Overall Sound Quality. External DAC can enhance the quality of tunes and make them clearer.
  • Unsupported File Data Rates. Internal DAC converters support more formats.
  • Unwanted Noise. It can appear because of sound card work.
Our pick
Best DAC under $100
SMSL Sanskrit 10th
The best DAC under $100
SMSL Sanskrit 10th provides warm bass, open and bright mids and highs, so you should be careful if you already have a bright system.
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Reviews of the best DACs under 100

SMSL Sanskrit 10th – best overall

SMSL Sanskrit 10th

While looking for the best DAC under 100 you definitely expect it to be very convenient. What can be better than the possibility to change volume and tracks remotely? SMSL Sanskrit 10th has such capability. It has a remote controller to manage the setting. This device can to deliver you the best sound as this DAC is equipped with high-quality modules that require only power from Micro USB. This DAC supports drivers for DSD256 with Native DSD.
In addition, with this converter you can not worry about system jitter due to two Japanese NDK noise clocks which are very important while listening to music with headphone sets. Its Powertrain Control module rates reaches 32bit/384KHz. It has USB, fiber, coaxial, input, and 1 output. Moreover, there is one more Micro-USB input for powering if the main one is occupied.


  • It is compatible with synchronous and synchronous transmissions
  • This device supports numerous formats and devices
  • You can to connect several input devices at the same time without losing efficiency


  • Due to its unportability, you cannot simply move it to another location when it is needed
  • Its design is too plain and is not attractive
  • It has a slightly noticeable imbalance of the right channel


Every house owner wants to create a wonderful music system. If you want to enjoy listening to high-quality music and not to overpay, it is important to find the best budget DAC. One of them that it is better to consider is TOPPING D10. It is small, compact and does not require too much space for it. Assembling is simply. In order to start it you need simply connect it via Micro-USB to your device. Then, the software installs automatically in a few minutes.
TOPPING D10 supports 16-32bit/44.1-384kHz together with DSD64 and DSD256. Moreover, It has it has a XMOS XU208 for the interface that uses customized driver as it allows to guarantee better compatibility of high-res sound with Thesycon. TOPPING D10 has one input that is Micro-USB. For output, it has analog unbalanced RCA together with S/PDIF coaxial and Toslink. TOPPING D10 can also serve as an amplifier for different headphone sets.


  • Comprehensive support for both PCM and DSD file formats
  • It is compatible with the oldest and newest operating systems
  • It has an automatic on/off system that is synchronized with your main device


  • It has an unreadable display that is too dim to figure out formats and sampling rates and you cannot adjust the display
  • It is not easy to install it due to the complicated setup guide and method of it working on a PC
  • In case of long continuous work, it heats up and requires periodical pauses for cooling

Micca OriGen G2

Micca OriGen G2
The best sound surrounding can be created with headphones. Therefore, the best budget DAC, in this case, has to be compatible with a large number of different devices and headsets. Micca OriGen G2 has a stereo analog line-level and combination optical S/PDIF digital output with a powerful built-in headphone amp that is compatible with up to 16-600 headphones. In addition, supports high-resolution PCM audio up to 24-bit/192kHz
It is not a heavy DAC that allows you to carry it around with you. The design is simple and convenient. You can find its volume switcher very handy. It does not require any special drivers to make it work. You can simply connect it to your computer or phone via USB and start using it.


  • It has advanced interface support of audio stream that includes both WASAPI and ASIO Push/Event output modes
  • When to turn off the DAC while it is connected to the computer, you may not worry that you need manually change a sound output of the PC


  • It has a ground loop noise that DAC is picking up from PC when it is powered through USB cable
  • Despite it has a DC 5V to power the device, but you do not receive the charging cable together with a device
  • It has problems with Windows 10 and requires drivers

FX Audio DAC-X6

FX Audio DAC-X6
Getting the best cheap DAC among other numerous models on the market is definitely a not easy task. As you want to get a good amplifier for headphones and also a DAC, then you have to review FX Audio DAC-X6. It has a flat design of black color and which housing is made with aluminum. Its rubber legs prevent this unit from sliding.
This DAC has DC 9-12V what can provide you with better output. It has optical, coaxial and USB inputs and for outputs RAC and 6.35mm headphone port 2. The output line level is RMS 2V, and the output power varies range from 90mw to 1000mw.
This DAC has five chipsets CS4398, OPA2134PA, OP275G, 6120A2 and SA9023 that are suitable for headphones, ordinary and pro purposes of use. FX Audio DAC-X6 can become your favorite device to listen to music in high quality.


  • It does not require a lot of time to assemble it and start using it
  • This DAC supports a great number of different formats
  • On the high volumes, the quality of the sounds remain high


  • The driver does not install automatically by Windows 10 system and you have to do that manually
  • It does not deliver the signal immediately when it is needed
  • The sound switcher does not increase volume smoothly and has an inaccurate clicking sound

Cambridge Audio DAC Magic XS – portable DAC

Cambridge Audio DAC Magic XS
Nowadays most people use headphones to listen to music while they out of the home. Getting the best quality of the favorite songs is essential together, but not every DAC and headphone amplifier can be complimented for their portability. However, you can be surprised by Cambridge Audio DAC Magic XS. This small device weight is only 100g with its aluminum housing for good durability.
Cambridge Audio DAC Magic XS has only one input for input and output. With a Micro-USB, you power this gadget and also transmit the data. For iPhone users, you will need to additionally buy a separate converter like lightning cable. The output is 3.5 mm what makes it better for earphones rather than headphones. If you are a headphone set owner you might need an adapter. This DAC is operated with Sabre ESS 9023 DAC chipset.


  • It has up to 54 levels of sound volume that you can change without going to phone or computer settings
  • It is compatible with any device regardless of operating system


  • You can hear a noticeable hiss on lower volumes
  • It cannot produce high-quality bass sounds and their depth
  • It is not very useful for desktop computers for such price
5/51 rating