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In our modern world, we cannot imagine our lives without sounds. An uncountable number of music exists due to them. In order to grasp them fully, you may want to find the best DAC under 50. With proper sound, movies can create the real presence of birds. That is how the quality of sound has become very important. DAC can improve and amplify the sound that you hear. Music mostly has digital encoding, but human ears process analog waves. Amplifiers convert this coding from digital to analog. However, the internal devices of computers and phones cannot effectively produce all the details. External devices, DACs, can perform this much better.

If the quality of sound really matters but you do not want to pay a lot, then you will try to find the best DAC under 50 for yourself. As there are, plenty of them on the market, it difficult to choose one. That is why we have made a research and have found several devices for you. It is better to learn more about them before making the final choice.

Our pick
Best DAC under $50
FiiO D3
The best DAC under $50
The FiiO D3 is a quick and easy way to convert digital audio output into high fidelity stereo analog sound.
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DACs under $50 Comparison Table

Chip Max. sampling rate
FiiO D3 (D03K)best overall AK4493 32bit/768 kHz Review
Fosi Audio Q4 yes 24bit/192 kHz Review
Signstek yes 24bit/96kHz Review

Reviews of the best DACs under 50

FiiO D3 (D03K) – best overall

FiiO D3 (D03K)
To find the only one device from several the best DACs under 50 is definitely a complicated task. However, FiiO D3 (D03K) has received many positive feedbacks from customers, what makes it best overall . To provide high-quality sound it has a Mini USB power supply port DC V5. You may not worry about compatibility as it supports all popular sample rates including 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz, at up to 24-bit resolution. In addition, it has coaxial and optical inputs. For the output, it provides you with two-channel standard stereo RCA. Moreover, it is a Plug and Play device. It means that you do not need to install any drivers to make it work. While buying this DAC you also receive Micca 6ft optical Toslink digital audio cable.


  • Possibility to switch between two different audio sources
  • It has a very compact design that allows to carry it everywhere
  • It supports a wide range of devices that you can find at home


  • Noticeable buzzing sound while power from the USB port of the device
  • Plastic parts are not so durable and can be easily damaged or cracked
  • It does not have a headphone amplifier, what is inconvenient when you need to make it louder

Fosi Audio Q4

Fosi Audio Q4
Mostly when you want to listen to music with a better sounding, you take headphones. Therefore, the best DAC below 50 below must have a headphone amplifier. That is what you can get with Fosi Audio Q4. It does not require any software or driver to make it work. Simply connecting all the necessary cables allow you to just Plug and Play. This digital audio adapter has coaxial S/PDIF, optical and USB mini jet inputs that are more than enough for most home audio systems. In addition, its RCA output can be connected to an amplifier or powered speakers. It has a mixed power type and appropriate cables like 5V USB power supply cable and USB type B cable you receive together with a unit. Moreover, it covers up to 24bit/192KHz HD which allows you to listen to your favorite music with the best quality.


  • The device has a metal housing that protects all inside details
  • Possibility to regulate tremble and bass with outside switchers
  • It is compatible with old and new consoles, TV sets, CD/DVD players and satellite receivers


  • You may notice an insufficient trembling while listening with a headphone set
  • It may occur that the device is not recognized by windows and require to be installed


In most cases, people do not listen to music in one place. They can walk outside, at the office or at home with a pair of headphones. Signstek understands that and it has created not expensive and portable DAC for everyday use. It can be simply powered with a USB and you do not need to install any software or drives to run it. This unit has optical digital, analog and coaxial outputs and 3.5 mm stereo output for your headphones. Due to plastic housing, it does not weight so much to carry it with you and it outputs more stable and pure signal. Signstek has become very popular on the market due to a PCM2704 USB chip. It is a TI’s single-chip with USB-compliant full-speed protocol controller and S/PDIF that works with no software code.


  • The aluminum housing of the unit provides good protection of all internal parts
  • It is compatible with the newest consoles and smartphones
  • Due to the compact design of sockets can be easily carried outside


  • It randomly may stop working and require re-plugging to make it work again
  • Form a not so continuous work it overheats and stops working until the unit is cooled
  • Its output and input ports get easily damage at the very beginning
4.7/53 ratings