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This model deserves to be called the best dac under 1000 dollars. HD-DAC1 looks renewed, fresh and different, although it remains the same Marantz. When listening in headphones, you completely immerse in sound.

But the audio output of some devices isn’t able to maximize the full potential of professional headphones. That’s why Marantz made separate headphone amplifiers.

The HD-DAC1 has enough power output even to work with high-end headphones up to 600 ohms – easily. This is explained by a 3-level gain controller, Marantz HDAM modules, a high current audiophile DAC (CS4398), and grand RCA outputs.

Optical and coax digital inputs, and a USB-B input allow you to play music right from your computer(Windows/Mac). Apple devices can be connected through the front USB input.

Marantz HD-DAC1 Pros and Cons


  • Ultimate 3D sound with well-defined high tones and mid-range
  • Fresh and simple design
  • Compatible with headphones of impedance up to 600 ohms
  • Easy connection with amplifier or speakers
  • The noise floor is literally removed
  • The HDAM-SA2 circuit and three-level obtain settings make it a premium DAC


  • No balanced output
  • The sides are made of wood substitute
  • Permanent clicking hum with DCD files
4.2/55 ratings