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The UDA-1 is a small but versatile DAC with an amplifier that is powerful enough to drive small bookshelf speakers or headphones. Sony UDA-1 works best in a chamber office environment or when you need the best dacs under $1000 to work with a computer. It connects to a computer via USB and plays any digital files. The output signal can be fed to headphones, to a standard RCA line-out or acoustics. The device fits into a compact housing.

Turning on the DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) mode softens the sound, but the effect is not very strong. The output power of the device is 23 W per channel which is enough to produce the acoustic sound.

Sony UDA1/B Pros and Cons


  • Sony Hi-Res audio player lets you enjoy any format to the fullest
  • You can get your speakers hooked while listening in headphones
  • Built-in optical and coax inputs
  • The resolution of the track is displayed on the front
  • Auto-off is possible
  • The exceptional quality of the build
  • Installation of the software is pretty easy
  • Compact size
  • The remote controller has plenty of useful functions


  • The range of displayed resolutions is limited
  • Type of DCD isn’t shown
  • Unstable when pairing with Mac
5/52 ratings