Home DACs Micca OriGen G2

Mobile, powerful and affordable – overall the best budget dac to buy, especially if you need to use it with headphones. It has fiber optic input and output, as well as switch to run headphones or preamp when needed.

The manufacturer claims that this DAC is a studio master grade digital audio playback device that copes with Hi-Res PCM audio up to 24-bit/192kHz because its digital circuit is composed of a C-MEDIA CM6631A USB 2.0 High-Speed 480Mbps audio controller and a Wolfson WM8740 stereo DAC.

Now, OriGen can reveal the full potential of music on your desktop as you won’t be using its sound card but this amazing USB DAC and preamplifier.

Micca OriGen G2 Pros and Cons


  • Runs headphones with impedance range 16-600 Ohms
  • Great variety of inputs/outputs(USB/Optic in and headphones/preamp out)
  • Enhances volume on any device that can be connected
  • Metal-shielded is durable and safe when interferences occur
  • Easy to comprehend its reach functionality
  • There’re LED indicators to approve that signal ‘s coming through
  • Tiny rubber feet on the downside prevent sticking to the table
  • There’s a 5V DC input on the rear side for optional charging


  • Some units may have troubles with connection to PC with Windows 10 after approximately a year of use
  • It won’t power all models of the speakers
  • There’s a problem with balancing – right side is audibly louder than left
5/51 rating