Topping D10 has all characteristics of the best cheap dac. The heart of this system is the ESS ES9018K2M, which allows processing sound with a resolution of up to 384 kHz/32 bit, and DSD up to 11.2 MHz. The main advantages are USB power, easy replacement of operational amplifiers and the ability to work as a digital signal source.

The housing of the D10 is small, completely metallic and consists of two parts. On the front, there’s a screen which shows a bit rate and type of played sound. On the back, we have RCA output for active acoustics, and 2 digital outputs: line and coaxial. There is only one input here – USB.

TOPPING D10 Pros and Cons


  • Very simple assembly
  • Automatic installation of drivers and other software
  • Compatibility with Android, Windows, and Mac
  • Interchangeable interfaces due to the Line, Opt/Coax outputs and support of hard decoding
  • Nice-looking orange indicator
  • Auto on/off synchronized with your computer
  • The OP can be replaced and reveal some new parameters to your audio


  • There’s no headphone amp
  • No level regulator which is very inconvenient with monitor speakers
  • With original OP sound is a bit indistinct
5/51 rating