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Most vinyl-based records were released a long time ago, and they were used quite actively (especially during solemn feasts). In addition, not everyone complied with the rules of their storage, taking fingers or palms of both hands exclusively by the edge, and after listening, be sure to pack them in a plastic case and in a paper bag. Therefore, often today’s collectors are faced with finding a solution to the problem of what is the best record cleaner and how to wash vinyl records at home and clean them from dirt, eliminating the risk of damage.

You can moisten vinyl in several ways:

  • with a non-fibrous swab or velvet dipped in warm water;
  • under a stream of running warm water from a tap;
  • soaking the plate in the pelvis for 2-3 minutes;
  • using a special solution.

Cleaning vinyl records with vinegar isn’t the best idea.

How to wash vinyl records at home

With regard to the last paragraph, the recipe for the solution may be different. Many mix isopropyl and ethyl alcohol with distilled water in approximately equal proportions. In addition, today on the market, there are a lot of various products that provide gentle and effective care for vinyl records of your portable record player with different chemical composition. True, their choice should be approached as carefully as possible – some of them have a very aggressive effect. This is especially true for the so-called picture-plates, the paint on which can simply leak.

But experts and experienced collectors strongly do not recommend using ordinary household cleaning and disinfecting utensils. Such products are unlikely to be able to remove caked dust in deep grooves. At the same time, it will take a lot of water to wash off a large amount of the resulting foam. And such abundant water baths are vinyl contraindicated by definition.

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