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We all know the American WD-40 Cleanser. We use this tool to loosen bolts, nuts, screws. In one word – to loosen them freely, and also to protect something from moisture. But in fact, this is not all areas where you can use the WD-40 tool.

The fact is that this is probably the best vinyl record cleaner which is the most popular cleaning product in the world, that has various fan clubs and even its own pages on the Internet.

Millions of WD-40 fans have come up with many ways to use the product, although this chemical aerosol was originally invented for motorists who often face the problem of unscrewing sticky car components. We offer you the most interesting ways to use aerosol.

WD 40 for your portable turntable

If the vinyl record got worse over time, and during playback, the record player began to skip tracks, then WD-40 will help to restore the record. Treat the surface of the plate with a tool.

Spray your record with WD-40 (this is kerosene with additives). WD-40 eats away various dirt (softens). The result is good. Try it once. It makes sense to use with any specific pollution.

Noise is reduced at times! Whoever does not believe can experience the method with vinyl records that you don’t listen anymore.

You won’t have any consequences unless a great sound of your beloved vinyl records. This method should be at the arsenal of all vinyl lovers.

Apparently, some part of the WD-40 remains at the bottom of the grooves, which dramatically reduces friction. Perhaps even the fine dirt is washed better with the WD-40.

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