Home Record players How to clean vinyl records with water

Vinyl records can be washed in two ways – manually or using the best record cleaner – a special washing machine equipped with a vacuum pump to remove moisture from the grooves.

The second option, of course, is more technological and reliable for a record player and allows you to clean even the most awful disk. But, alas, the cost of such machines is often sky-high. However, if you are familiar with other collectors of vinyl in your city, you can purchase such aggregate and use it in turn.

Washing the plate by hand begins with soaking. Put the disc in the washing solution for 10-15 minutes. After this time, take a sponge or brush, and pass them on the surface of the plate with soft circular movements. If there are clear spots on the surface of the disc, pay special attention to them.

After you have wiped off the main spots, we proceed to the next stage of cleaning. Here you will need a powerful vacuum cleaner and a piece of soft cloth, flannel or fleece is the best of all. Wrap the vacuum cleaner tube with a cloth and tighten it securely. Make a small hole in the middle so that the vacuum cleaner can suck in air. And start vacuuming the plate removed from the solution, walking along the paths.

This procedure will help to remove already soaked dirt and moisture from the grooves. Just wiping the plate is not an option, soaked dust will not be completely removed, and when dried, it is compressed even more. Vacuuming is necessary until the disc is completely dry. This completes the cleaning of the vinyl record.

Only particularly dirty plates require some pre-soaking or several washing cycles. Manually theoretically, you can also wash the record well, but it is very difficult, and it will take several times more time and effort.

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