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The device I am going to talk over is the best vinyl cleaner you will ever meet.

It’s a Vinyl Vac 33 wand which was designed to give your records a new life. Yes, with this professional kit you now can restore your vinyls immediately as this magic cleaner will lift and absorb embedded grime carefully. In the set you’ll get the felt washer to protect the label, two replacement velvet pads, two O-rings for the hose, and absorbing reducers. The manufacturer claims that this wand will clear the path for the turntable stylus to go through the grooves which is absolutely true!

Vinyl Vac 33 Pros & Cons


  • Thorough cleaning which removes the tiniest particles of dirt
  • Can be used with the wet or dry vac with different sizes of the hose
  • Effective results – records sound unbelievably good after the vacuuming
  • Will extract even the most embedded grime
  • Suction strips help to prevent corrupting of the record
  • Is designed to use right on the turntable
  • Compactness allows it to be stored anywhere


  • There’s a risk of breaking your record when cleaning on the turntable
  • It suits well only for 33s
  • Inconvenient process of cleaning – you must hold the hose with the tube and also maintain a little pressure simultaneously
5/51 rating