Home Record players What is a Phono Input in Receiver?

While getting a receiver you may not just to amplify the incoming signals but also tune them with an inbuilt amplifier. While connecting your receiver with other devices you may wonder which type of inputs is better.

With this information, you will learn about the importance of phono inputs, which will help you to choose the device in the best receiver for turntable article.

Where to Find Phono Inputs?

As not every turntable has an inbuilt receiver or amplifier, you may need to get one separate. Reviewing receivers, always look at the rear side. There you will find several mini jacks and RCA inputs, which are often labeled with Phono. RCA cables allow you to transmit signals from one device to another. They often have male connectors, which you need to connect to female jacks. For receivers, turntables and amplifiers there are two of them. On your device, you will find Left and Right inputs, to which you should connect cables correctly. Their main task is to receive an analog signal from the turntable and the boosting and improving them before releasing it to speakers.
How to Get Better Sound with Phono Inputs?
Even with a receiver connected via phono inputs to the player, you may not receive the needed quality of sound, due to the quality of an inbuilt phono preamplifier. With a separate phono preamplifier, which can be easily connected to phono inputs, you will receive more distinct and clean sounds with less distortion.

Phono or Line Inputs?

When a turntable is connected to the receiver, it can send signals, which require electricity. Phono inputs accept signals of 0.005 Volt when Line can accept up to 0.3 Volt. It means that for phono inputs it is more complicated to reproduce sounds in high quality. They may lack bass and have lower tones because of RIAA equalization.

Moving Coil or Magnet?

The phono inputs of the receiver and turntable can have either moving coil or moving magnet cartridge mounting. The first one produces stronger signals, which influences the quality. As the moving magnet is a common type it is not difficult to find a receiver with it. In most cases, the moving coil is more expensive than magnet type as it has a low moving mass that allows reading the groves of the records with a higher spend, precision and accuracy. As a result, you can enjoy the music of better quality. Sometimes, amplifiers can have both of them and you can switch between them to choose the needed one.

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